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Cascade Impactors Mensuration

Introduction To Mensuration
The Cascade Impactors performance depends on the jet dimensions, the spatial arrangement of the jet , its collection surface and the rate of airflow passing through it. These factors may affect the performance of the Impactors hence proper measurement is necessary as per the compliance with USP and EP.
The process of measuring the nozzle diameters and other critical dimensions of Cascade Impactors is called as Mensuration.
Both European and US Pharmacopoeia recommends stage mensuration of Impactors prior to use and periodically thereafter.

Mensuration at QA Tech:
QA Tech has been providing Stage Mensuration services for Cascade Impactors since 2005 in India .The Quick Vision Measuring instrument is highly accurate and capable of Mensurating many stages automatically. The methods for Mensuration have been developed by a group of experienced people from pharma industry.
QA Tech continuously updates its methods for Mensuration as per the requirements of pharma industry & hence has become a UNIQUE SERVICE PROVIDER FOR MENSURATION in India.

The measurement of jets dimension of Impactors is done with Quick Vision Measuring System (QVX – 202 PT)  of  Mitutoyo .

Master Instruments List Mensuration

Sr. No. Instrument Name Make  Model No. Range  Accuracy
1 MITUTOYO VISION MEASURING MACHINE MITUTOYO QVX-202PT 200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm 1.5+3L/1000 µm
  1.5+3L/1000 µm
3.0+4L/1000 µm